Aphrodite Pillow Top

In an effort to reinvent the two-sided mattress category, Jamison set out to give the consumer an ultimate choice for a new sleep method with roots of old.

Taking the concept of a two-sided bed may be from the past, but Vita Pedic today will set the new standard. Jamison has gone out and created new sleeping solutions that enhance oxygen levels, improve comfort, relieve pain, manage moisture, and offer seasonal comforts and eradicate partner disturbance all in our two-side collection.

As with the strength of the Olympian Gods, so too is Vita Pedic strength in two-sided slumber. Jamison was founded in 1883 in the Athens of the South, Nashville, Tennessee.


  • Plush

    • Quilted to 1" S17 Foam & Safe Slumber® quilting fiber & Silk/Wool Blended Fiber for Seasonal Comfort
    • Comfort Lock Pad
    • 2" R32 Convoluted Foam


    • Interacting Smart Coils® Foam Encased
    • 14.5 Gauge High Profile
    • Twin 390, Full 572, Queen 700, King 896


    • The TruBalance Foundation guarantees you the support you deserve.


    • 10 years total/Non-prorated